Cloud Performance Tools

These tools from my friends on CloudSleuth compare the response times of platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers as well as the effect of content delivery networks (CDNs) on web application performance from various locations around the world.

Global Provider View

This app is targeted toward folks who are considering using either an IaaS or PaaS to host web applications, but the results are educational for everyone. It continuously monitors a sample application running in each of the major cloud service providers (Amazon, Google, Azure, Rackspace cloud company) and shows in real time, how well the sample application performs over time from the perspective of end users (last mile & backbone) around the globe. The free app is available here.

Today cloud computing has become more popular, using tools like these will help you make sure your information is accessible.

Cloud Performance Analyzer

This app aims to measure how third-party cloud-based services affect application performance and availability. It continuously monitors a sample e-commerce web application built with commercial third-party services; including services from a CDN, ad and map providers. See in real time how third-party services impact application performance from the perspective of end users (also last mile & backbone) around the globe. This app is also free and can be found here.